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Tesst Downsize your stuff


Tesst Downsize your stuff

Personally, I donated about 70% of my clothes to various non-profit organizations. I realized that I owned several items of clothing that I hadn’t really worn in months. If I didn’t love it, I didn’t keep it. To prevent myself from accumulation creep, I review the contents of my wardrobe once a month to see if I can get rid of anything more.

I’ve also slowly donated shoes, bags, books, mugs, electronics, and artwork. I thought I would regret letting go of some of these things later, but I can honestly say I don’t even remember everything that I’ve gotten rid of. This goes to show that things we may have grown attached to don’t mean as much to us as we think. Of course, I still have some sentimental items (I have every single card that my girlfriend has given to me — which is now quite a lot!) and I have no problem letting them take up space.

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